Santa brought you an Irish passport.



It is necessary for me to quiet my mind when I start getting overwhelmed with questions such as ” Where do I even start on organizing my family on moving to Ireland?” Gone are the days that just by virtue of being married to an Irishman are you granted Irish citizenship yourself. After a few deep breaths, oh all right there may have been wine involved, I started researching the immigration process.  It was fairly easy to locate the Irish Immigration website.  There I was able to download lengthy documents about the requirements for residency, work permits, and the like.  They are all very well written and easy to understand .. oh wait did I forget to use the sarcasm font? Thank God for the contact us page where I was able to email my questions to a real live person.  By the next day they had responded and I found out that it will be a fairly simple process.  I will be able to emigrate with my family.  As long as my documentation is in order, and I register with the Guardai, I should be granted residency and a work permit.  Maybe Ronan granted me some of his luck!

The next step was to check on the requirements for our children.  Thankfully for the kids it is as easy as apple pie: they are already citizens, Irish by virtue of the fact that they have a parent who was born in Ireland.  Ronan, well he was born and raised in Ireland.

Look at how cute he was as a wee one in Donegal.

 I contacted the Irish Embassy and spoke to a lovely lady about what would be needed to secure Irish passports for the family. She graciously mailed the applications to us.

Hooray for passport applications.

Since we live relatively close to the embassy in D.C. , we dropped my husband’s application off in person just for peace of mind. While it may be a bit charming that my husband has his long form hand written birth certificate from home, it’s not something that you necessarily want to trust to the post. If you go to the embassy they can verify your documentation and make official copies. Definitely the way to go and it took less than three weeks for his passport to arrive.

Ok, so this is not from when his new passport landed. I neglected to get a picture of his grinning face. This is from our anniversary meal this year. I am a lucky girl that he still smiles at me like this after 13 years of marriage.

We will be repeating this process in just a few weeks for the kids since it worked so well.  Do you think that we could con the kids out of a few christmas presents and tell them that their new Irish passports are from Santa?  Sigh, me neither.



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