Yes, Karen, There WILL be a Thanksgiving in Ireland.

Sometimes the goofy pictures that you take to “get it out of their systems” are the ones you treasure the most. Thanksgiving 2012 with my kids and Ronan

what do you mean that there isn’t Thanksgiving in Ireland?  This is something that I am coming to terms with.  Some of my favorite holidays just will not be celebrated, but Thanksgiving hurts the most.

Thanksgiving has always been my holiday.  I was born on Thanksgiving day for goodness sake; therefore, it is mine.  I love that it is a holiday about gratefulness and food.

a small sampling of the pies that I baked for the family.
Ronan saying “really? You want a picture of me with the turkey cooking?”

311384_10150426752744761_564705988_n 486324_10151271547069761_865710774_n 551472_10151271502369761_1008848045_n 600048_10151271623349761_1188812340_n

there is always room for more!!!

Everything is made better with cream. Don’t judge the canned cream. After making this meal, I was too whipped to make homemade cream. 😉

The theme of the day being family, gratefulness, and love just warms me down to the tip of my toes.  oooooo kkkay, maybe my favorite bit is that I get to have everyone sing happy birthday and that I am nearly guaranteed to have my family around me on or near enough to my actual birthday.

I am the birthday princess, damn it!

Moving forward what does this mean to myself and family?  I am hoping that, rather than moping that there isn’t a thanksgiving, we will have a grand thanksgiving style party in Ireland every year. Family, love, and being thankful is not an exclusive thing for the states after all.  Hosting our family and friends for a wee meal, ok not so wee.  Starting a new tradition of our own.

When you move to another culture, it doesn’t mean that you give up your own.  It means that you adapt.  Celebrate what is important to you and excitedly explore what there is to offer in your new homeland.

Road headed home to our Irish dreams and adventures.

4 thoughts on “Yes, Karen, There WILL be a Thanksgiving in Ireland.

  1. Beautiful piece. I have come to appreciate Thanks Giving over the years that I have lived in the states. Glad that we will be taking it with us when we move. After all it is your (Karen) holiday

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  2. You just gave me a different perspective on how I view my birthday and Thanksgiving. I’ve felt I’ve been cheated having the two so close not realizing all the benefits. Thanks so very much for a fresh and warming perspective.


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