Ireland is the land of a thousand welcomes: Make sure you’ve said hello before you move.

The best strand in the world right by Braade, Ireland: the white strand. I may be a bit partial.

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Nothing beats scenes from home, well, besides actually being there.  My family and I are eagerly anticipating the day that we move over on a permanent basis.  Luckily we have been able to go over with the children, and even luckier at times without. I kid! Mum don’t kill me that I have enjoyed my holidays over without your grands!

my mum with my dear husband and kids on a visit she made to the States just a few years back in 2009

Because of these trips, we do have an idea on what to expect.   Ronan grew up there and obviously he has family there as well.  A built in support system that will be there immediately when we land. Even with this, we know that we will have surprises when we move.

Not everyone is as blessed.  While I do think that the Irish culture is welcoming, I would advise anyone moving there, or anywhere, to do some primary research.  Come on over! Visit different areas around the country: You may think that you want to live in Dublin but find yourself falling in love with the rural west coast.  If it is economically feasible, move to the area that resonates with your soul.  Or, at the very least, you will know where you want to take your holidays.  While in Ireland, talk to the locals.  Ask questions, do some research, and put  any American bias of how things should be run aside. I am preaching to myself here!  I don’t want to be perceived as an obnoxious Yank who is ignorant of any culture but of my own dubious culture.

I am not saying that my holidays in Ireland will be the same experience as actual real life: paying bills, worrying about bills, working jobs, making sure that the children are doing well in school; is not always a day chasing rainbows.  But, since we are coming over with some actual Irish experiences, the adjustment should be a bit easier.

Scenes from St Patricks abbey in co Mayo with our children. I was holding Molly, she was still a wee baby, so she is not in these photos.

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At the end of the day, we all have to make moves like this with common sense but don’t lose your sense of joy and adventure!  An informed choice to make that jump across the pond does not mean a choice without excitement and fun! What the hell: Keep on chasing rainbows!

Tommy searching for the end of the rainbow in his Granny Ann’s backyard. He may have wandered into a neighbor’s yard 😉

3 thoughts on “Ireland is the land of a thousand welcomes: Make sure you’ve said hello before you move.

  1. Common sense and rainbows…a perfect combination. Too often we go on journey with one and not the other. Great advice for life, not just for visiting Ireland. I had no idea you had a blog, good to know and to follow.


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