We don’t need no education

We have been really happy with the public schools in the States.  Sometimes they get a bad rap, but we have had really good experiences with the teachers and staff. It makes that darn dust fly up into my eyes when a teacher asks me if our children really won’t be in school next year.  Then when I tell them that the kids aren’t telling tales and the teacher honestly looks upset at the thought of them leaving, my allergies kick in and my eyes get really red.

While it makes me sad to leave I am glad that there is something to miss rather than to be excited to leave behind a school that we dislike. We will always know that the east coast of the US is one of our homes.  We have dear friends, family, and many memories here. My goodness, I have spent most of my (almost) 43 years here.

The chance for my children, and myself, to be able to have both the experience of living in the states and now moving forward in Ireland is one that we can not turn down. Molly is excited knowing that she will be learning Irish.  She isn’t so excited that she most likely will be known as the Yank 😉 .  Malachy is most excited about Irish girls… er no.. he changes his mind.. The Irish language is what he is excited about.  (I don’t believe him)   We are all  excited that my two youngest will be going to the same schools that their dad and uncles went to growing up. Or should I be scared? Nah, they are grand 😉

Brendan, Donal, and Ronan look like wee angels. 🙂

That made this part of our pre move research a lot easier.  Yes, I still looked up the schools to make sure that they were a school with good educational standards, but knowing that my family has been through this system made it easier to trust.  If I can’t trust my  Mum’s judgement, who can I trust?

Ronan and his Mum, Ann, when we were all together for Brendan and Linda’s wedding in Jersey.

Not all people have a mum to help them in Ireland.  If you don’t have a wonderful Irish mum or dad, ask questions.  Ask co workers where they send their children.  Personal recommendations are always weighted heavier in my mind.  That being said,  I did find the Irish Government website regarding education very helpful. It answered a lot of my questions (click the hyperlink 😉 ) It is a good springboard to answer your basic questions and has links within that page for other related topics.

Definitely this process can be overwhelming at times: I am trying to keep my eyes and heart on the rainbows and green hills of Ireland.

Thank you Aunt Dee for this gorgeous picture from home ❤

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