Time keeps on slipping .. into our Celtic future!

Yay a picture of all of us ūüôā and we are even all smiling and our eyes are all open!

This year of firsts and lasts has many milestones for us to look forward to:

We’ve already been through:

The last first day of school? Done and done!
Tommy’s senior night for Soccer which is also his last season as a Warrior Soccer player. What a great team of young man that we have been honored to see grow from boys to men. You will be missed.

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 Malachy and Molly have had their first reconciliation.  It was a beautiful night that we shared as a family with other members of their Reconcilliation / First Communion class.
Malachy and Molly have had their first reconciliation. It was a beautiful night that we shared as a family with other members of their Reconcilliation / First Communion class.

We still have these milestones, or rather stepping-stones towards Ireland!!, to look forward to:

My last birthday here: I have already told my family that we will be eating cake and that they will be in charge of keeping that kettle full and pouring! ¬†I may be making my own cake, but I won’t be in charge of that kettle.

Thanksgiving: We will enjoy our day of overindulgence and laughing with one another over stories of this past and coming year. and did i mention pies? Lots and lots of pies!!

If you all are good, I might post my favorite Thanksgiving recipes on the blog.. including my favorite pies!

Molly’s last American birthday: She has already informed me that she wants a birthday pumpkin pie this year, she is her mother’s daughter. ¬†That can definitely be managed.

Christmas: our annual christmas eve bash will be grand.  We will treasure every moment with out friends and drink cup after cup of coffee.  We may let the kids wreak havoc, well to be honest we do every year.  Christmas is the most fun when you hear the happy squeals of your children and their friends. Would it be too much to ask for a white christmas this year?

Tommy and Malachy’s last birthdays together in the states in March: March has always been hectic for us with Malachy having his birthday in the beginning of the month and Tommy’s being at the end. ¬†It is odd for me to think that tommy won’t be with us on his birthday for the following year. ¬†He will be at university in the states. ¬†That will be a hard adjustment for us all only seeing him on summer breaks. ¬†I think it may be he hardest for his wee sister and brother. Oh who am I kidding. ¬†This mama’s heart is going to break a little. ¬†I am excited for him to study and attain his dreams. ¬†He is becoming a man who I¬†am proud to call my son.

Tommy’s Senior baseball season: ¬†We have been following tommy’s baseball career since he was a wee boy of 4. ¬†It won’t feel like Spring time without baseball. ¬†We will have to find a new spring time sport for the two wee ones, but nothing beats your first love of baseball/softball.

Senior prom for Tommy: The last formal dance of high school is a big rite of passage.  I am excited and will tear up a bit seeing himself dressed up and looking grown up with all of his friends.

Malachy and Molly’s First Communion: What an exciting milestone for our children to reach before we move. Is it bad that I am almost as excited to dress up Molly for the day than the actual ceremony? ¬†I can’t help it. ¬†I grew up with Catholic and Jewish friends. ¬†They all had their big ceremony’s growing up that I did not growing up in an Evangelical Christian household. ¬†I was particularly jealous of the Catholic girls first communion dresses and veils. ¬†Sufficed to say, I may be living vicariously through our Molly a bit. ūüėČ

ps We wouldn’t be adverse if certain Irish grandparents came over for the celebration. ¬†Yah yah yah, I know. ¬†We will be moved over home only a few short weeks later but still … ‚̧

Tommy graduation from high school:
Tommy graduation from high school will be upon us before we know. He will graduate in early June 2015. Just a few short weeks before Malachy and Molly complete their school year.

and our final stepping stone to home¬†will be the last final day of school in the¬†USA. ¬†This will be a day of goodbyes to teachers who have served our children well. ¬†the teachers and support staff have poured encouragement into our children’s lives. ¬†They have inspired them and they will be missed by us all.

Each of these events are bittersweet.  While we are wistful when we think on the people and places we are leaving, that wistfulness is outweighed by the greater excitement  of sharing these milestones with our Irish family next year.  Making new memories and new friends is something  that we are really looking forward.

Before we all know it we will be making that wee puddle jump to Ireland: our new home.



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