accidentally in love with my Celt


This one may be a bit sappy but indulge me, will you?  Nearly 15 years ago I was a single mom back at university.  I was trying to sort out how I was going to support myself and my wee boy.  So I decided to go back to school and was taking my prerequisites to get into the Registered Nursing program at the local college.

There was a sweet Irish boy in my math class.  We would talk after class and I thought he was just lovely.  He was sweet, funny, and I could listen to him speaks for days.  Yes Irish lads, American girls do think that your accent is the sexiest one around.  Unfortunately, this lovely man was also 8 years younger than myself. #Friendzoned!

Did you know that the Irish are a stubborn people?  Well I found that out.  Ronan was always at class early and would hang out with me before classes.. sometimes we would share stories about ourselves growing up.  We would laugh at the confusion that Irish colloquialisms could cause.  For the record, if an Irishman is asking where the Craic is, they are (most likely) not asking for anything illicit!    I thought that he was utterly charming.  One night after class he asked me if I wanted to go to a monster truck rally with friends.  um, No thank you?  But I still wanted to see him.  Poor fella put up with me trying to set him up on dates with my younger friends, he always turned down these offers. Still he persisted in cultivating a friendship with myself and my wee boy.  Tommy adored him and would get Ronan to take us on bike riding trips and would make him sing Veggie Tales songs as we rode around town.  This went on for weeks as he became more and more a part of our lives.

I spent most weekends with him and his wee cousins, who also lived in the States,  and to be fair a lot of weeknights I would bring Tommy up to play with them as well.   I would play board games with them and we spent countless hours roller blading with himself and the children.  It was a grand time and wasn’t long until I realized that I could not picture life without him. By this time I stopped trying to set him up with anyone.  His cousin Nicole, who was in 5th grade at the time, asked me “do you like my cousin?”  I said, “yes, but he is far too young for me”.  She retorted ‘That’s silly.  If you like him you like him.”   That coupled with the fact that my own mom, she thought he was a keeper, kept on reminding me that my aunt was 12 years older than my uncle and my own grand mom was 10 odd years older than my grand dad (yes Cougars run in the family), and the rest was history.


Like any couple, we have had our ups and downs.  It is not always chasing rainbows and kissing in the rain but we work hard together and for each other and our kids.  I love my big Irish lug and thank the stars above that he made me the accidental Celt.

13 years (and counting) of marriage to my handsome man.



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