This family loves the hills of Donegal: they mean home to us.

Anytime that we have been fortunate enough to go home for a visit, my husband is on a mission to get home to Donegal from the moment the plane is taxiing on the runway in Dublin.  One that can hardly be thwarted by a bathroom break, ok he does allow a break to buy some Tayto crisps and some Club Orange.  With these treats the six hours can be a bit too long to hold the bladder! 😉

yes, this is an actual picture of my dear husband when we were last on the road home to Donegal.

Naturally, he finds it hard to be this far from his family.  When we are on his side of the pond, he wants to get to his family’s homes as quickly as possible so that he can have a cuppa with each of them and catch up on the gossip.  Not going to lie, I feel the same.  As soon as we are able to receive Highland Radio on the rental’s radio, He speeds up and the grin gets wider.  You can imagine that when “Las Vegas (the hills of Donegal)” comes on; he starts us all singing along and our moods all lighten up.

Warming the bum near his Dad’s stove. ❤

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I can not believe that in a few short months we won’t be going on an Irish holiday.  We are moving to become a real part of our Irish family’s lives.  Adventures and adjustments will be plenty.  Some will be easy and some difficult but we will be doing this with an awesome support system.  Please join us as I share our continued saga from the States to Ireland.

The hills of Donegal, from Heaven n’ Hell to Mt Errigal, call to us.  We are anxiously awaiting for the the sand to the turf to claim us as the sons and daughters brought home.



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