You’re my best friends and I will miss you.

Last night I was surrounded by children’s laughter and more than a few squeals.  One of my oldest and dearest friends, Gayle, was over with her three youngest children who happen to be my two youngest life long best mates.  My house may have shaken a few times with the tiny elephants tracking up and down the stairs and running inside and outside.  oh delicious chaos of childhood friends.

Gayle and I hunkered in the living room drinking our coffees and sharing stories, catching up on each others lives. We were effectively using our mom ears, knowing exactly what the young wans were up to while they thought that they were getting away with murder.  Silly kids haven’t caught on yet that moms have a singular power of ALWAYS knowing what their children are up to!

Conversation led to, as they invariably do now a days, to our upcoming move.  Gayle shares in my excitement for the move to Ireland.  the thought of my children being able to experience growing up in Ireland.  Learning a new language, Gaelic, new culture, and the ability to travel throughout Europe rather easily is something to be excited about!  The conversation naturally led to how she has been talking to her children about our move.  Understandably, all of our kids are quite sad about  the fact that in 7 months time they will not live in close proximity to one another.  Gayle has her kids excited about the prospect of saving the pennies so that they can take a grand Irish tour and spend time with us in our new home when we are settled.  It is something for us all to look forward to.


Of course, after we talked about how our kids are feeling, our eyes had a severe allergy attack.  How does one just leave your friends that you have held tight to your heart since you were just idiot teenagers?  The thought of leaving my best friends, Gayle and Shannon, and my sister, Katie, leaves me with a lump in my throat and a framboise colored nose. *sad but true: I am an ugly crier. no delicate tear drop into the lace hanky for me.  Don’t I wish! *

Shannon and I, just a few years ago. 😉


Gayle and I being photobombed by Ronan at the Dam Jam last year


This may be a bit of a retro shot of my sister and myself. ❤


The truth of the matter is that I won’t just leave.  They will always be a part of me and they better all have great data plans!  Skype and FaceTime will be our greatest tool to maintain contact.  I pray that they will be able to all come over and visit us in our new home (often please!)  They will ALWAYS be a big part of who I am and who my family are.

The plight of an immigrant is often loneliness.  After the initial excitement I am aware that it will hit us all that we miss our friends.  As the mom of this crew it will be my job to make sure that we are all proactive in getting involved in life in our new home.  School, activities, work: we will find you new friends: be warned people of Donegal, the Sharkeys are coming to meet you!   While our new friends will never replace the ones we have here, they will NOT be of less importance.  We are all excited to meet new friends that our old friends will make room for in our hearts.


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