They say it’s my birthday

Earlier this week it was my last birthday in the United States.  I was expecting it to be bittersweet but, if I am honest, it was just a joyful day.  A tiring day, but a joyful day.  I started the day by activating my new fitbit that my lovely husband got me for my birthday.  Once that was sorted I started baking my Birthday cake . Yes I do realize the irony: delicious, decadent, irony.

My lovely husband and my birthday cake and “candle” 🙂 For the record, Ronan is perfectly capable and was willing to make my birthday cake. Apparently I have a control issue. Plus, I was home and I love to bake ❤

10802043_10152874373684761_2002483241807796499_n 10685549_10152874373719761_6823495038786003706_n 1504535_10152874373904761_1857732018226570431_n 10710859_10152874373809761_2594531588244033270_n

Yes it was delicious and yes it was worth every single extra step that Fitbit will demand of me.  Shamefully, I am in quite the step deficit at the moment.  eek!

It was a very good “last birthday”.  The best part of the night was that I was able to have a small dinner with Ronan, my kids, and my parents.  There may have been some “random dancing” to Push it by Salt N Pepa while my dad and Ronan went out to get dinner.  Isn’t it funny how the most random and silly things truly make a day.  They become memories that I will treasure.  Yes Mom, the kids will probably here every year on my birthday about the year that Grandma Bonnie was “working it” on the dance floor aka my living room.  Birthdays are fun.  When you are blessed enough to have family that are a safe haven, you can cut loose and be silly without fear of being judged.  It is an excuse to be with  family and just laugh and eat cake!  Who doesn’t like these two activities?  if you know someone who doesn’t, I certainly don’t want to know them.

Rather than making me sad, my birthday this year made me excited for birthdays to come.  I have had so many, more than I would like to admit to (!) , good birthdays  in the states and I am sure that the trend of fun birthdays will continue in Ireland. Personally, I am looking forward to baking on my next birthday with Granny,  my Mum Ann, and with Aunt Dee on supervisory and wine supply duty.  I imagine that we will have a grand time.  We might even let the kids and Ronan stop by for a cup of tea.

Granny’s home in Braade. ❤


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