Brick house or just a fat American??

Holiday cooking, decorating, baking, cooking and baking some more.  All of this merriment brings to mind one thing: By Jaysus  when we are moved over I don’t want to be that new neighbor, You know the FAT AMERICAN. Eek.  Please no!

The flag hides a bit of the bulk. 😉

In an effort to combat this title my husband, on my request no one get cross with himself, bought me a bracelet of shame (read that as a FitBit) for my birthday last month.  I was, and am, thrilled to bits.


The problem with my fitness overlord is that it doesn’t do the work for me.  Apparently I am actually meant to *gasp* exercise.  I am not overly fond of this concept.   Not only do I have to exercise, but I am meant to do this EVERY DAY!  Say it ain’t so!!   This being the new reality, along with our two pups, my husband is walking with me a few nights a week.  To be honest, I am enjoying the nights that we are able to walk together.  It is a time to decompress.  We talk about what to expect when we are moved over.  What we are worried about.  Sometimes, we just talk nonsense and enjoy being with one another.  It is nice to have this time, away from home and move stressors, to remember why we kind of dig each other.   I really appreciate that my oldest son is willing to watch the two wee ones so that we are free to walk child free.  Tommy may enjoy the peace of God while we are walking and M & M are upstairs “sleeping”.  That reminds me, why is the pay per view bill so high as of late?

1798256_10152907424069761_8754296658828578180_n 10850129_10152907423414761_2515086227678246862_n

Step by step I find myself closer to my goal.  I will be a healthier version of myself: Brick house? Yes please!  The hills of Donegal won’t be climbed by themselves!!

 1924286_56641359760_4505_n 1924286_56649414760_1665_n 1924286_56649434760_2623_n-21924286_56649634760_2811_n

I best get my bum in gear before our Auntie Dee and Mum get a hold of myself in June!


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