Spirit of Christmases to come.


How exciting will it be that next Christmas time my children will be with their Irish (a few British ones that we love anyway 😉 ) grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We will be surrounded by family that we have, up until now, been denied knowing properly due to geography.  The geography has always been felt by my husband and myself.  It became all the more poignant when our first niece, Maddie, was born in the springtime of 2013 and now our wee Erin (aka the Kiwi) has been born.  A trio of Irish girl: Molly, Maddie, and Erin.. God help us all.  Poor Malachy, he is the only boy cousin so far. 😉

The brothers: Brendan, Donal, and my Ronan during a Christmas past. Mischief incarnate times three!
The last time that the brothers were all together for Christmas with their mum (and Charlie and MaryAnne) 2002

While we will be the only ones living in Ireland, all of us will finally be in the same timezone, a puddle jump away from one another.  Each holiday, birthday, and vacations between our three homes will bring our stories and lives closer together. The cousins will grow up knowing one another. What a treat!  They will most likely scheme against us.  Thinking that they have hoodwinked the old ones, not knowing that we all have a hint of the Divil in us as well.

These are the things I am looking forward to and hoping for.  I love the idea of it all.  Sorry Donal, Vickie, Brendan, and Linda, but my ones may be the cool older cousins that lead them into the mischief.  But as long as they don’t do anything that we wouldn’t have done.. er wait, what?!



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