cockles and mussels or Molly’s last stateside birthday.

Another last that is putting us a few steps closer to firsts occurred mid December for our family.  Our Molly dolly turned 8!


We are so blessed to have a small but tight circle of friends and family who we love so very much.  Even with Molly’s birthday being so close to Christmas, we had a good turn out for her last US birthday.


Maybe it was the cake that made them join us?  If you bake it, they will come!!  Yes, it had to be said. If you haven’t seen Field of Dreams , go see it now, it is awesome. Of course we are a baseball and softball oriented family, we may be a bit partial to this type of film.

I love this picture. The love that Molly shares with her god-mother, my best friend ever – Shannon, is so apparent here.
The joy that Molly and her friends have when they are together is a beautiful sight. I love them.


Molly has been so grow up about this process.  She told me that she is excited and sad at the same time to move.  She will miss her best friends here but knows that she will make really good friends in Ireland.  Plus she is excited to learn Gaelic and gaining a cool accent.  I think she also has a feeling that she may be spoiled rotten by her grand parents and aunts and uncles when we are home in Donegal.


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