On Wednesdays we chat about makeup: you give blush a bad name.

Sometimes you just have to do something that is entirely not what you are meant to do.  I had to think about anything but moving to Ireland today. No, it hasn’t lost it’s appeal to me.  No, I am not depressed at the thought of leaving the States.  I just needed a distraction.

I may have a problem 🙂

For me, today, that was playing with makeup, specifically my lush colourpop spring 2015 collection!

For the record, the goofy faces are to please my children. All children want their mums to make goofy faces and splash them out on the internet 😉  the eyeshadow in this is beauty call and taco (coordinating blue shadows) and the following pictures i am wearing snapdragon and flux (coordinating greens) 

IMG_5691 IMG_5764

Two of my favorite ladies, Brooke and Shannon, started a makeup blog named you give blush a bad name.  Their blog  is a fun mix of irreverent cosmetic and skin care reviews and advice along side with coordinated themed fabulous song lists.  Today, I guest blogged for them, well actually I #gasp# made a youtube video.  eek.! Ah well, it was fun to do and you can see me in all of my 40 something glory.  Take a gander if you feel like having a giggle and seeing some really good inexpensive makeup!


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