Slow down, you’re moving too fast.


One thing that I have learned over the past eight months of living in Ireland is that good things come to those who wait.

When we first landed I was still in my Yankee state of mind; things must be sorted and quickly at that.  It may have been the third day in Donegal when I landed at the Garda Siochana station in Milford to register as a resident alien.  I was as proud of myself with all of my documents in order.  When I landed I was informed that the Garda who handles that paperwork wasn’t available that day and may be available in a few days time.  Nails on a chalkboard time for this Yank.  I was told that I would be grand and if they could take my number, the garda would ring me.  Breathe, Karen, breathe.

Well it did take a few days but the Garda rang me and we met up in the station in Milford.  Talking to himself was like talking to a long lost friend.  He quizzed my husband on who his people were and was delighted that he had played GAA games with two of my husband’s uncles.  When my interview was over he told me that if i wasn’t in a hurry, that he could hand deliver me my resident card as he would be coming to my new hometown in the next few weeks.  He said that I wouldn’t have any problems without my card for a while and once again, You’ll be grand.  What a lovely difference this was from the experience my husband and I had in the States going through immigration for himself.  While no one was terrible to us during the process, it was not like having a cup of tea with a mate.

True to his word, a few weeks later I had my resident card in hand.  Not a bother at all.

I am learning a lot from my time in Ireland.  The number one lesson being that while I am stressing on getting things done right away, I very well may be missing out on the beauty around me.  Things always gets done even if it isn’t on my own personal time frame.  What’s the bother if your internet is installed in a week or in four months (that may be a story I share another day).  The point is that no one is harmed by waiting for their resident card or internet.  Life keeps going on and if you don’t slow down and stop worrying, you might just miss out on the best bits.



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